Intuitive Pump Selection with
SPAIX® 5 PumpSelector


You are not sure which pump fits your project? Then why not use Spaix® 5 PumpSelector, VSX - VOGEL SOFTWARE GmbH's software solution? This software has a unique range of functions and enables efficient design and selection of almost all Richter centrifugal pumps. Complex design algorithms, such as for magnetic drive pumps, power losses depending on the mechanical seal or motor characteristic curve correction are taken into account.

The design tool includes:

  • the hydraulic selection of a pump via the application area, the duty point and additional parameters.
  • the pump direct selection via series and type designation
  • spare parts selection from spare parts lists including drawings
  • the selection of the spare parts from pump catalogues

The pump characteristics are automatically converted to the respective operating conditions by the software. The adaptation of the pump to the operating point can be calculated by turning the impeller, changing the speed or throttling. According to the subsequent configuration of the pump, data sheets, installation plans and sectional drawings are automatically generated by the software.

Spaix® 5 PumpSelector is characterized by a modern user interface, an intuitive operating concept and improved performance. And because no internet connection is required to use the software after download and installation, pump selection is available at any time.

Download SPAIX 5 PumpSelector

Configuring valves with
Spaix® 5 ValveSelector


Which control valve is suitable for controlling corrosive media? Which safety valve reliably protects my plant against excess pressure? You can quickly answer these questions with Spaix® 5 ValveSelector.

Spaix® 5 ValveSelector – also developed by VSX - VOGEL SOFTWARE GmbH – is a design tool for valves. This software enables the product selection of almost all Richter valves. Different calculation models enable a comprehensive hydraulic design of the valves. Valves that are not subject to a calculation module can be defined directly via the configuration.

The design tool includes:

  • the hydraulic selection of a valve via the application area, the operating point, optional three-point calculation and additional parameters
  • direct valve selection via series and type designation
  • spare parts selection from spare parts lists with drawings
  • the spare part selection from valve catalogues

The same applies to Spaix® 5 ValveSelector: After downloading and installing the software, no internet connection is required, so that the configuration of the valves is available at any time.

Download SPAIX 5 ValveSelector

Richter Product Seletor (RPS)


You have already selected the right valve for your project and now you want to configure the accessories? Then use our Richter Product Selector (RPS)

The Richter Product Selector is based on an MS Access database, in which the technical and commercial information of our entire valve portfolio is stored. Step by step, RPS guides you from the selection of the valve type, through the definition of the nominal size and material options, to the definition of the painting, actuators and special accessories. This way you will receive the entire type code, the order text and the price of the complete valves and can initiate the ordering process together with our Customer Service.

Or if you already have a valve from us in use, you can use the order number on the nameplate to very quickly retrieve all the information about the associated product via a search function and initiate a new order.

The Richter Product Selector (RPS) is also a stand-alone software that works without an internet connection.

Download RPS

You are interested in Spaix® 5 PumpSelector, Spaix® 5 ValveSelector or the Richter Product Selector (RPS), but you do not have access to the download yet? Your sales partner will be pleased to help you!

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